24 Things That Are So Brilliant and So Genius They’ll Leave You Feeling So So Stupid

By | August 5, 2014

These people really know how to life. They’ve taken the ordinary, and turned it into the extraordinary. Can you claim to be able to do these things? No, probably not. So why not take a look at these brilliant things and live through these people!

#1. Cheating at its finest


#2. Just chilling by the pool…or not

chilling by the pool

#3. Hey it almost looks real!

china cabinet

#4. How well can you write in Chinese, M’am?

chinese test

#5. Very clever!


#6. Genius comeback

genius comeback

#7. This one will take years to be fully appreciated but when it does…

hot in high school

#8. If Drake was fully white? WOW spot on!

if drake was fully white

#9. A clever way to save some of those shots for yourself the next day!

jello shots

#10. Best lock screen ever!

lock screen

#11. Making the best situation of a scar


#12. Secret Starbucks message

secret starbucks message

#13. Where can I get one of these!?!?

stop talking

#14. Terrifying AND funny

terrifying and funny

#15. Brilliant way to cheat

test cheating

#16. The Jackson 5

the jackson 5

#17. Well which is it??

true false

#18. Hah…I see what you did there!


#19. Now THAT’S how you get a hidden tattoo!

wheres waldo tattoo

#20. Why not??

white out question

#21. Best. Cake. Ever.

best cake ever

#22. Also best Instagram name ever

best instagram name

#22. Boxers brief chase hahah

boxers brief chase

#23. Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?


#24. Unique building art

building art

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