These Ads Are NO Conincidence: 17 YouTube Ads That Are too Perfect to Be True

By | July 21, 2014

We’re all pretty familiar with how the Internet works now – ads are targeted to us based on the stuff we search for, so it’s no surprise that you’ll see ads pertaining to your interests. But these next YouTube ads are unbelievably spot on. Some more morbid and strange than others, but all hilarious none the less. These ads are NO coincidence…it’s all just keyword play. So sit back, relax, and get ready to have a few laughs!

#1. Rihanna…you never learn

rihanna relationship

#2. Makes sense to me!

suicide ad

#3. Too soon?

amy winehouse

#4. You can’t even get offended by that!

beard laser

#5. Well that’s a little insensitive, no?

car accident smash

#6. Hey the girl seriously needs some dental work!

carrot dental

#7. Bahahaha that’s amazing!

custom suits

#8. Uhm…okay then

dance moves

#9. Epic Meal Time or diabetes? Same thing


#10. Because if you like ducks, you also must like Duck Dynasty

ducks and duck dinasty

#11. Awww…noooo

easter bunny bear grillz

#12. Yes family – go to Egypt for a fun time!

egypt shooting family vacation

#13. This one makes no sense at all

ihop tipping

#14. Perfect!

justin bieber eating disorder

#15. It’s raining blood…ALWAYS


#16. Yup – same thing!

pizza oven babty

#17. Couldn’t have said it better myself!

priest genitals

How perfectly timed was that? Don’t be rude and share the laughs with others!