27 Of the Cleverest and Funniest Snapchats We Could Find

By | June 29, 2014

If you’ve never heard of Snapchat, you’ve probably been living under a rock. But no worries, we’ll explain it to you. Someone sends a picture to someone else and they have only 10 seconds to look at it before it vanishes completely. But thankfully, someone was smart enough to take a screenshot of these very clever Snapchats before they expired. What’s the point of this you ask? Not sure – but again, FUNNIES!

#1. You’ve created a monster!!!

water bottle

#2. Bahahaha – I’m def gonna have to steal that one!

vegetarian gf

#3. The proof is on the windshield!

unicorn accident

#4. With tshirts like that, you really can’t go wrong!

tshirt collection

#5. Aww snap!

trash insult

#6. Uhm…excuse you?!

tit baby

#7. Revenge of the statue!

statue food

#8. I see what you did there…


#9. How rude!

sheetz whore

#10. Shakespeare + Kesha = Goldmine!

shakespear and kesh

#11. Sweet! Maybe tomorrow you can match the janitor’s closet!

school bathroom

#12. Very clever sir!

sauce pleaser

#13. Potato safety first!

potato safety

#14. Oh Mr. 305


#15. Yey for math jokes!

math jokes

#16. So very very cruel

leg in cast

#17. Praise tha lordd!!

jesus mannequin

#18. True dat!

hair color

#19. I don’t think he’ll get well at all!

get well deer

#20. Now THIS is sexy!


#21. Gotta catch em all!


#22. WTF?!?

finding nemo dory

#23. Hahahah – that’s a good one bud!

empty seats

#24. A clean way to make money!

dollar in guitar

#25. If you say so!

checkout men

#26. Ben Franklin sighting!

ben frankling sighting

#27. Hey! What the…

wtaching world cup

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