Warning: These Signs Are So Incredibly Sarcastic, They’ll Turn YOU Into a Sarcastic Person

By | September 1, 2014

Such clever signs!

#1. This restaurant is not pho-king around

restaurant is not pho-king around

#2. Warning: sharks WILL smell your pee

sharks smell pee

#3. I don’t even know what the point of this sign is

sharp edges sign

#4. This sign must be in Canada

sign in canada

#5. I see they’re trying to be hip

skateboarding is cool

#6. I don’t think that’s water they’re talking about

splatter zone

#7. Remember never to ask stupid questions here

stupid question set on fire

#8. I thought it was always prosecuted!

trespassers prostituted

#9. You want me to pay $200 for instant death? Seems like a good deal I guess

200 for instant death

#10. These people care more about their animals’ health than yours!

animals will eat u sign

#11. That is one bitter guy

bitter guy

#12. Oh..okay then

button is a light switch

#13. What exactly do children do in the circus? There seems to be quite the demand

children sold to circus

#14. Now that’s one way to cut down on soda

cut down on soda

#15. Yeah…I think I’ll stay far away from this place

dog with gun

#16. Ewwwww

dont spread boggers on the wall

#17. Seriously though, how old are you?!

dont use that font dammit

#18. Are people dipping their drinking cups in ponds now?

fish crap in water

#19. You best stay away…these things fart, hard!

horses may fart

#20. Seems like they care

hurt while dying

#21. This guy deserves a medal. Everyone should leave notes like these.

large spider

#22. Machine has no pity for you. It is soulless.

machine has no pity

#23. Well said!

no dark shades in nightclub

#24. Stop molesting the seals dammit!

no molesting seals

#25. What is this place?!

no money for underwear

#26. An honest mistake Ohio Ave

not in love with you

#27. You WILL be plummeted into the sun!

plummet into the sun

#28. Guys with big boobs count too right?

private property boobs

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