29 Seniors Who Will Prove to You That You’re Never Too Old to Do Anything

By | September 9, 2014

After all, age is just a number, right?

#1. Man pulling his disabled daughter and wife through Disneyland

man pulling his disabled daughter and wife through disneyland

#2. Never too old to play with Nerf funs

nerf guns

#3. And you’re never too old to have fun

never too old to have fun

never too old to have fun2

#3. Keeping up with technology

old man keeping up with technology

#4. Playing arcade games

playing arcade games

#5. An old woman is pulling her husband in a horse rocking chair through the streets

pulling husband in rocking chair

#6. It’s never too late to learn how to skateboard


#7. 62-year-old grandma gets her Bachelors

62 yr old grandma got her bachelors

#8. 65-year-old man catches a home run ball at a baseball game

65 yr old catchng a home run ball

#9. Extreme kayaking? Not a problem!

81 yr old extreme kayaking

#10. This 84-year-old has still got it

84 yr old still got it

#11. An 86-year-old pole dancing

86 yr old pole dancing

#12. An 87-year-old lady completes a Fun Run for Cancer in honor of her son

87yr completes fun run for cancer

#13. An 89-year-old veteran ran away from his nursing home in Britain and got on a ferry to attend a D-Day memorial in France.

89 yr old veteran

#14. A 90-year-old doing a spectacular back flip

90 yr old backflip

#15. A 90-year-old still serving scoops

90 yr old serving scoops

#16. A 90-year-old grandpa still enjoys surfing

90 yr old still into surfing

#17. A 92-year-old sky dove off the Stratosphere in Las Vegas

92 yr old sky divded off stratosphere

#18. Still enjoying Santa

92 yr old with santa

#19. A 95-year-old WWII veteran sky dives

95 yr old wwii veteran sky dives

#20. A 97-year-old Chinese mother takes care of her 60-year-old disabled son

97 yr old chinese mother

#21. You’re never too old to go on your first bike ride – 100 years old!

100yr on first bike ride

#22. 102-year-old French cyclist, Robert Marchand, after completing 16.7 miles in an hour.

102 yr old french cyclist

#23. Still the center of the party

center of the party

center of the party2

#24. A Chinese couple is renewing their vows on their 88th wedding anniversary

chinese couple together for 88 yr renewing their wedding photos

#25. A sweet couple going for a ride

couple going for a ride

#26. The force is still strong with this one

force is strong

#27. Grandma Doris still climbs at 99-years-young

grandma doris still climbs at 99

#28. You’re NEVER too too to play video games

grandpa plays video games

#29. Definitive proof that love gets better with age

love gets better with age

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