30 Animal Friendships That Will Make Your Heart Explode With Joy. If They Can Be Friends, Why Can’t We?

By | September 18, 2014

It’s astounding to see two completely different animal species not only interact with one another, but actually possess a close relationship.

#1. A monkey that cares for a cat

monkey cares for cat

monkey cares for cat2

#2. Rooster and dog

rooster and dog

#3. Shakira and her dogs

shakira and dogs

#4. Snorkel and Herschel

snorkel and herschel

#5. Sox the cat and Liab the lamb

sox the cat and liab the lamb

#6. Suryia and Roscoe

suryia and roscoe

#7. Thelma and Albert

thelma and albert

#8. Tiger and monkey

tiger cup and monkey

#9. Anjana the chimp and her leopard

anjana the chimp and leopard

anjana the chimp and leopard2

#10. Bambi and thumper in real life

baby and thumper in real life

#11. Bonedigger and his dachshunds

bonedigger and his dachshunds

#12. Bubbles and Bella

bubbles and bella

bubbles and bella2

#13. Cats cuddling with a bunny

bunny and cats

#14. Cat and duck going for a stroll

cat and duck stroll

#15. Cat, dog, AND ducks!

cat dog and ducks

#16. A cat raises baby hedgehogs

cat raises baby hedgehogs

cat raises baby hedgehogs2

#17. Chendra and Gus

chendra and gus

#18. Clarence and Cindy

clarence and cindy

#19. Dog and Deer

dog and deer

dog and deer2

#20. Dog and Donkey

dog and donkey

#21. Duck and dog

duck and dog

#22. Greyhound with an owl

grehound and owl

#23. Jess the dog helps raise sheep

jess the dog helps riase sheep

#24. Kitty and rat

kitty and rat

kitty and rat2

#25. Koko and her kittens

koko and her kittens

#26. Lamb and dog

lamb and dog

#27. Lion cubs raised by dog

lion cubs raised by dog

#28. Lion, tiger, bear – oh my!

lion tiger bear

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