30 Baby Shower Cakes to Remind You of the Horrors of Childbirth

By | August 15, 2014

Nothing says delicious cake like childbirth? You may need a barf bag after looking at these pictures. These 30 baby shower cakes to remind you of the horrors of childbirth is seriously a nightmare! I know most of these were supposed to be funny, but seriously? Who in their right mind would want to consume ANY of these cakes? I, for one, would not be interested in even trying a bite! One must also wonder, where in the world would you even go for someone to make you these kinds of cakes? Your local grocery store? I highly doubt it! These were made by some very ingenious people who probably don’t have their own bakery but they just love whipping up evil little cakes in their secret basement.

If you can make it through these 30 baby shower cakes, I salute you! If you had to pick one though, which one is your “favorite”? And by favorite I mean the MOST disgusting. Over here, we’ve all decided that the most barf-worthy one is definitely lucky (or unlucky) number 13! Yeah seriously…good luck Rachel!

#1. Mmmm…looks delicious!

sperm cake

#2. Sperm cupcakes anyone?

sperm cupcakes

#3. Jump in for a swim in the placenta everyone – it’s nice and warm!

swimming in placenta

#4. Well that’s a great way to announce twins

twins cake

#5. Who the hell is Kristin?!? Is she the mom or the nurse? This makes no sense!

who is kristin

#6. Ugh…I’ll never be able to look at strawberries the same way again

worst use of strawberries

#7. This one’s actually cute

actually cute

#8. Uhmm congratulations on your alien baby?

alien baby

#9. Baby Ethan doesn’t look so good to me

baby ethan is red

#10. Oh dear god WHYYY

baby head coming out

#11. So, you’re getting ready to disect the baby or what?

baby on surgical table

#12. It’s true!

bad sperm cake

#13. Birthing…so natural, so gross


#14. Bloody hell it’s a bloody baby!

bloody baby

#15. Definitely wanna dig in to this cake!

bloody vagina

#16. Boobs.


#17. The Cat in the Hat is the father?

cat in the hat father

#18. Is that baby climbing out of the bellybutton?!

climbing out of bellybutton

#19. Uhmm…farewell? Why farewell??

confusing farewell cake

#20. Creepiest baby cake ever

creepy baby cake

#21. And even creepier baby cupcakes

creepy cupcakes

#22. Educational AND delicious

educational and delicious

#23. Is that the exorcist giving birth??

exorcist birth

#24. Look it’s frog baby!

frog baby

#25. Goodbye tummy!

goodbye tummy

#26. Horrible meat baby

horrible meat baby

#27. Nasty diaper cake…no thanks

nasty diaper

#28. Pushing…it’s what’s for desert


#29. That is one realistic baby

realistic baby cake

#30. Speaking the truth

speaking the truth