Here Are 31 Reasons Why Planet Mars is So Amazing

By | August 5, 2014

The red planet is nothing short of amazing. Mars, one of our closest neighbors has been one of humanity’s most difficult feats. We’d like to learn so much about it, but we have limited resources and technology. Although Mars is our neighbor, we still don’t have the capability to reach it ourselves.

That’s why we’ve employed all sorts of technology including the Mars Rover, to go and explore the Red Planet so that we may understand it a little more. Upon seeing these pictures, you’ll realize how breathtaking and beautiful Mars really is. If anything, it resembles Earth quite a bit. Take a moment to really look at these pictures and keep in mind that these pictures are 100% alien.

Mars is full of shadows




And the sky is not blue like Earth’s

sky is not blue

But there are storm clouds

storm clouds

And it looks so strange at times

strange looking

Beautiful sunset on Mars

sunset on mars

At times, it looks very Earth like

very earth like

And it’s simply amazing


Dust devils

another dust devil

An avalanche


That bright spot in the sky is Earth (you may have to clean your screen first)

bright spot is earth

Dry ice craters

craters of dry ice

Crisscross tracks of dust devils

crisscross tracks of dust devils

Deserts…deserts everywhere

desert everywhere

deserty like

Dry ice

dry ice

Dune formations

dune formations

Mesmerizing dune patterns

dune patterns



These dust devil trails look like a tattoo

dust devil trails look like a tattoo


Gale crater

gale crater

Giant crater

giant crater

Ice in a crater

ice in a crater

Insane patterns

insane patterns

Liquid water on Mars

liquid water on mars

Mars’ South Pole

mars south pole

Mineral deposits

mineral deposits

More dunes

more dunes

Newly formed crater

new crater

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