32 Celebrities When They Were Young

By | April 13, 2014

This is round two of famous people when they were young, so let’s get to it and witness some of the goofiest celebrity shots!

#1. Tyra Banks – beautiful then…beautiful now!

tyra banks

#2. Tina Fey – Not so glamorous back then!

tina fey

#3. Well if you haven’t guessed by now yes, that is actually Taylor Swift – quite the transformation!

taylor swift

#4. Steve Jobs – If he only knew he’d change the world

steve jobs

#5. Steve Carrell – looking like quite the high school jock

steve carrell

#6. Stephen Colbert – More hispter then, than now!

stephen colbert

#7. Sarah Jessica Parker looking sweet and innocent


#8. Seth Rogen & James Franco have been friends for a long time

seth rogen and james franco

#9. Ryan Seacrest – Good thing he grew out of that!

ryan seacrest

#10. Russell Brand before becoming a man-whore

russell brand

#11. Nicole Richie looking mischevious

nicole richie

#12. Miranda Kerr still has those cheeks

miranda kerr

#13. Miley Cyrus before she started twerking

miley cyrus

#14. Matthew McConaughey was just like the rest of us

matthew mcconaughey

#15. Madonna seen here at her first Communion – glimpse into the future much?


#16. Lindsay Lohan loved to dress up as Princess Jasmine

lindsay lohan

#17. No, this isn’t Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen. This is actually Lauren Conrad!

lauren conrad

#18. Lady Gaga started at an early age!

lady gaga

#19. Katy Perry sporting a bowlcut

katy perry

#20. Kanye West still looks the same

kanye west

#21. Justin Bieber before becoming Just-a-Douche

justin bieber

#22. Jessica Alba was a cheerleader

jessica alba

#23. Jamie Fox in the 80s

jamie fox

#24. The Franco siblings look almost identical to their current selves!

james franco

#25. Helen Mirren the bombshell. Who knew she would hold on to her beauty decades later?

helen mirren

#26. Eminem went from an awkward little boy to a rap God!


#27. Ellie Goulding was a tomboy

ellie goulding

#28. Ellen Degeneres looking almost the same!

Ellen Degeneres before she became famous

#29. Angelina Jolie was too pretty for her own good even back then!

angelina jolie

#30. Dakota Fanning? Nope! It’s Amanda Seyfried!

amanda seyfried

#31. Adam Sandler in all his glory

adam sandler

#32. Winona Ryder in her punk/goth phase

winona ryder

Please share these awesome throwback pics 🙂