Ouch! Here are 20 of the Most Regretful and Painful Things That You’ll See All Year

By | July 12, 2014

These people really DO have 99 problems, and regret is definitely one of them!

#1. This classic fail from The Amazing Race

watermelon to the face

#2. This guy who will never attend a hockey game ever again

2 guys making out at hockey

#3. Aaron Paul regretting his good deed

aaron paul gatorade

#4. This guy trying to wrestle an alligator

alligator attack

#5. This basketball fail

basketball fail

#6. This guy who will never work out at home again

broke fish tank

#7. This truck driver who is now full of regret

carts falling off of truck

#8. This cat who can never unsmell those socks

cat sniffs gross socks

#9. Delayed regrets are just the worst

delayed regrets

#10. This turtle who was placed too close to this hungry pup

dog bites turtle head

#11. This poor dog who just wanted to play frisbee

dog hits tree

#12. This girl who will never open up a bottle of coke

exploding coke bottle

#13. This smartass

falling off couch

#14. The time when this guy learned his lesson

gun accident

#15. This poor soul who was just having a horrible day

guy keeps hitting himself

#16. This guy who will never do a shot again

guy on fire

#17. Having a super bad day over here

having a bad day

#18. This kick in the head

kick in the heade

#19. Nightmare for weeks! Poor ant

nightmare for weeks

#20. This obnoxious kid who learned a lesson

obnoxious cart kid

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