42 Hilarious, Over-The-Top April Fools’ Pranks: You HAVE TO Try At Least One of These!

By | March 31, 2014

April Fools’ is tomorrow and that means you have to start preparing NOW. Whether you want to prank your co-workers, your loved ones, or just random strangers, these next pranks might just be your ticket to April Fools domination!

#1. Zip tie an aerosol can and throw it in a room…grenade style!

zip tie aerosol can












#2. The classic window shopper prank

window shopping prnk









#3. Caution: wet floor!

wet floor

























#4. Wet crotch!

wet crotch






#5. The classic shower prank

toilet prank








#6. The toilet paper prank

toilet paper












#7. Let them think the worst (just stick a bunch of styrofoam onto windows)

thinking the worst











#8. Place a sticky note at the bottom of a mouse – this will drive them crazy!

sticky note on mouse



















#9. The classic turd trick

solemn turd
















#10. The ultimate soap experience

soap experience



























#11. Disguise yourself as a seat and scare the crap out of anyone

seat camouflage













#12. Saran wrap an unsuspecting car and watch them flip out!

saran wrapped car













#13. Replace Oreo frosting with your favorite filling!

replace oreo frosting












#14. Rats…rats everywhere!














#15. An amazing Pringles prank (or you can use any food really!)









#16. The old office newspapers

newspaper office













#17. Paint clear nail polish on a soap and watch as people go crazy

nailpolish on soap













#18. Who doesn’t love mayo filled donuts?

mayo filled donuts












#19. Mashed potatoes and gravy ice cream

mashed potatoes and gravy icecream























#20. Rearrange the keys on a keyboard














#21. Create a keyboard garden

keyboard garden












keyboard garden2














#22. Place an office item in Jell-O













#23. Or…place ALL office items in Jell-O














#24. Jar Head

jar head

Follow instructions here













#25. Insta-date prank! (for seasoned pros only!)

insta-date prank







#26. Give them an energy efficient work space!

energy efficient













#27. Or give them that dream office they’ve always wanted!

dream office













#28. This awesome dinosaur prank

dinosaur prank







#29. Crayon wind shield…classic

crayon windshield











crayon windshield2












#30. Wet cotton balls and stick them on a car. Let them freeze onto the car overnight. (works best in cold temps!)

cotton balls on car













#31. A super colorful office!

colorful office

























#32. Or a colorful car!

colorful car










#33. The Coke Trick


















#34. A fun joke you can play on anyone























#35. Carts…lots of carts













#36. Caramel ONIONS…YUM!

caramel onions














#37. Robot box prank

box prank2








#38. Street box prank

box prank







#39. Awesome bathroom prank
































#40. A balloon filled office!

balloon office













#41. Add a little baking soda to the ketchup and let the fun begin!

baking soda to ketchup









#42. And, finally, the classic air horn never fails

air horn












air horns2

















Don’t forget to share these awesome pranks 🙂