The Absolute Best and Worst 4th of July Cakes

By | July 4, 2014

In honor of 4th of July (HAPPY FRIKKEN BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!!) we decided to gather round some of the best and worst 4th of July cakes we have ever seen. Now America is known for its freedom and awesome star-spangled banner, but now it’ll be known for its 50/50 cake making as well. Either way, enjoy these crazy cakes and make sure you have a piece on this wonderful day!

Here are the top 11 BEST 4th of July Cakes 🙂

best cake5

best cake6

best cake7

best cake8

best cake9

best cake10

best cake11

best cake

best cake2

best cake3

best cake4

And here are the absolute WORST 4th of July cakes

bad cake4

bad cake5

bad cake6

Is that a pair of scissors? Or an R?

an R

bad cake

bad cake2

bad cake3

Either you got lazy or ran out of strawberries

lazy no strawberries

Ovaries cake

ovaries cake

And of course, the penis cake

penis cake

Strawberry shortage is real!

strawberry shortage

Happy 4th of July America!! Today, you may have your cake and eat it too!