8 Cooking Hacks That’ll Turn You Into a Master Chef

By | August 17, 2014

These cooking hacks are so easy, anyone can do them. Okay, so maybe they won’t turn you into a “master chef”, but they’ll definitely make cooking that much easier.

#1. Dropped some eggshells? Just wet your fingers a bit to easily scoop them out

wet fingertips to get eggshells

#2. When brown sugar hardens, sprinkle with water and place a damp paper towel on top. Microwave for 30 second intervals until soft again

brown sugar

#3. Don’t thaw steak. It’ll cook much more evenly from frozen.

dont thaw steak

#4. Drop ice cubes into a finished soup or stew to easily scoop out all the fat desposit.

drop ice cubes

#5. Freeze leftover rice in a microwavable container and sprinkle with a little bit of water before microwaving.

freeze leftover rice

#6. Microwave lemons for 20-30 seconds to get tons of juice out of them.

microwave lemons

#7. Rinse your rice before cooking it so it doesn’t clump up.

rinse rice before cooking

#8. Before cutting up your herbs, sprinkle some salt on your cutting board to avoid them sticking to your knife.

salt to herbs

And now you’re ready to get into the kitchen! Share with your friends 🙂