9 Hauntingly Beautiful Abandoned Castles That’ll Blow You Away

By | September 7, 2014

Even though these castles are now abandoned, they’re still hauntingly beautiful.

#1. Eilean Donan, Scotland

eilean donan scotland

#2. Hammershus Castle, Denmark

hammershus castle

#3. Kenilworth Castle, England

kenilworth castle england

#4. Leap Castle, Ireland

leap castle ireland

#5. Ross Castle, Ireland

ross castle ireland

#6. Bannerman Castle, New York

bannerman castle ny

#7. Chateau Miranda, Belgium

chateau miranda belgium

#8. Clonony Castle, Ireland

clonony castle ireland

#9. Cloughanover Castle, Ireland

cloughanover castle ireland

It’s crazy to believe that all of these beautiful structures have been left behind to rot. Share these castles with others!