These 9 Foods Will Get You High – And They’re All Legal

By | July 25, 2014

We don’t recommend anyone consuming most of these foods as you seriously might have a bad trip. Sure, your coffee is okay to drink (because you know, we need it!) but the rest of these things can make you hallucinate, trip out, and who knows what else?

#1. Nutmeg: Eating 4-8 teaspoons of nutmeg WILL make you hallucinate…but you’ll also feel awful


#2. Poppy Seeds: You’d have to eat A LOT of these to get high

poppy seed bagels

#3. Rye Bread: When moldy, rye bread releases a chemical that will definitely make you trip out!

rye bread

#4. Sparidae fish: If you eat the head of this fish you will trip…hard.

sparidae fish

#5. Stilton cheese: Consuming just 20 grams of this cheese will make you see some stuff

stilton cheese

#6. Areca nuts: Depending on how many of these nuts you chew on, they will give you a similar high to either coffee or cocaine

areca nuts

#7. Chilli peppers: If you eat super hot ones, they will make you hallucinate

chili peppers

#8. Coffee: What, did you forget about coffee? That’s also a drug!


#9. Mulberries: If you eat mulberries when they are unripe, you’ll get the trip of a lifetime. Followed by some violent vomiting too!


As fun as these may sound, we strongly suggest that no one attempt to eat these foods in order to get high. Spread the word!