20 Beautiful Albino Animals That Will Take Your Breath Away

By | March 20, 2015

They sport an unusual color…but that’s what makes them even more special!

Long-beaked echidna

long beaked echidna

Newborn albino elephant

newborn albino elephant

Snowdrop the albino African penguin

snowdrop the albino african penguin

Saltwater lobster

saltwater lobster

Albino Alaskan moose

albino alaskan moose

Albino baby deer

albino baby deer

Albino bat

albino bat

Albino black bear

albino black bear

Albino camel

albino camel

Albino chimp

albino chimp

Albino kangaroo

albino kangaroo

Albino lion

albino lion

Albino racoon

albino racoon

Albino raven

albino raven

Albino rino

albino rino

Albino turtle

albino turtle

Amazon river dolphin

amazon river dolphin

Bengal tiger

bengal tiger

Blue tongued albino lizard

blue tongued albino lizard

Grizzly bear cubs

grizzly bear cubs

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