You Won’t Believe What These Groups of Animals Are Called. It Sounds Totally Fake!

By | September 17, 2014

You’re probably familiar with the plural for wolves – “a pack of wolves”, but what about other animals? These next animal groupings have such weird names, that you’ll almost think they’re fake!

#1. A romp of otters

romp of otters

#2. A rookery of penguins

rookery of penguins

#3. A seething of eels

seething of eels

#4. A shrewdness of apes

shrewdness of apes

#5. A skulk of foxes

skulk of foxes

#6. A sloth of bears

sloth of bears

#7. A streak of tigers

streak of tigers

#8. A troubling of goldfish

troubling of goldfish

#9. An unkindness of ravens

unkindness of ravens

#10. A zeal of zebras

a zeal of zebras

#11. A ballet of swans

ballet of swans

#12. A battery of barracudas

battery of barracudas

#13. A bloat of hippos

bloat of hippos

#14. A business of flies

business of flies

#15. A crash of elephants

crash of elephants

#16. A deceit of lapwings

deceit of lapwings

#17. A mustering of storks

mustering of storks

#18. A parliment of owls

parliment of owls

#19. A prickle of porcupines

prickle of porcupines

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