This is NOT Photoshop: Here Are a Bunch Animals Riding Other Animals Because Why Not?

By | July 20, 2014

When animals are as cute as they are, they can pretty much do anything and get away with it! They can be bad and destroy everything in your house, and you’ll forgive them because they’re so frikken adorable. In fact, they’re even cute to one another. Case in point, these next pictures of animals riding other animals.

#1. Oink oink let’s go for a ride!

pig on pig

#2. Sooo cute!

pug on horse

#3. Betcha didn’t know that snails rode lobsters

snail on lobster

#4. Tiny frog on a dog – enough said

tiny frog on dog

#5. Nooo…Mr. Turtle that’s not a log!!!

turtle on alligator

#6. Much better Mr. Turtle!

turtle on turtle

#7. Look at these cute and colorful friends!

butterfly on lizard

#8. It’s like Easter all over again

chick on bunny

#9. This…this is heart melting

chick on dog

#10. Not sure what’s going on here but it’s cute as hell

dog on dog

#11. Now THIS is a special frienship 🙂

dog on elephant

#12. So beautiful!

dog riding a horse

#13. Dog doesn’t realize ducks can swim

duck on dog

#14. The unlikeliest of pairs

goat on rhino

#15. This is too much to handle!

hedgehog on deer

#16. I bet you also didn’t know that ladybugs got rides on snails

ladybug on snail

#17. Now THIS is just plain crazy – if I were those mice, I’d get the hell off of there, that cat does not look happy

mice on cat

#18. Umm…is this a circus act? LOL

monkey on dog

#19. There – this looks a little more natural!

monkey on dog2

#20. much cuteness!

monkey on padagona

#21. Does that dog even know what’s going on??

owl on dog

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