14 Extremely Annoying Ways A Cat Shows Its Affection For You

By | August 29, 2014

Yes we know you love us, but do you have to be THAT annoying?!?

#1. Passing out on your body so you can’t move

passing out on your body so you cant move

#2. Rubbing up against you until you feel hairy and dirty

rubbing up against you

#3. Screaming at you

scream at you

#4. Shredding your furniture

shredding your furnitue

#5. Spying on you while you’re in the bathroom

spying on you while in the bathroom

#6. Starring at you like a creep

starring at your creepily

#7. Just being in the way

being in the way

#8. Biting your fingers

bite your fingers

#9. Bringing you gifts that you definitely don’t want

bringing you dead gifts

#10. Showing you their butts…constantly

butt showing

#11. Having sensual intercourse with your computer

having sensual intercourse with ur pc

#12. Headbumping you

headbumping you

#13. Trying to lick your skin off with their sandpaper tongues

lick your skin off

#14. Massaging sensitive parts that you don’t want massaged

massaging sensitive parts

But even with all of that, we still love you kittehs! Share with other kitty lovers 🙂