19 Evil April Fool’s Pranks You Can Pull Off on Anyone

By | March 31, 2015

Prepare yourself…April fool’s is coming.

Toilet paper

toilet paper

Universal Apple remote

universal apple remote

Cream cheese deodorant

cream cheese deodorant

Balloon facade

balloon facade

Candy mixup

candy mixup

Caramel onions

caramel onions

Cheesy OJ

cheesy oj

Honking door

honking door

Horn chair

horn chair

Ketchup mustard switcharoo

ketchup mustard switcheroo

Lube fakeout

lube fakeout

Mayo donuts

mayo donuts

Mentos surprise

mentos surprise

Minty fresh Oreos

minty fresh oreos

Mouse problem

mouse problem

Reverse tab

reverse tab

The cage copier

the cage copier

The hall of water cups

the hall of water cups

The mouthful of ketchup

the mouthful of ketchup

So which prank will YOU play on your unsuspecting victim? Don’t forget to share:)