13 Baby Items That Adults Can Benefit From

By | August 20, 2014

These next 13 items aren’t just for babies…they’re for adults too!

#1. Gripe water is great for upset stomach in adults

gripe water for upset stomach

#2. Looking for a low calorie snack? These Puffs are amazing

low calorie puffs

#3. Believe it or not, nipple butter is incredible for chapped lips

nipple butter for chapped lips

#4. Pedialyte works wonders for hangovers

pedialyte for hangovers

#5. Use baby shampoo to wash your delicates

wash delicate fabrics with baby shampoo

#6. Use baby de-tangling spray as a leave-in conditioner

baby detangling spray as a leave-in conditioner

#7. For adults with ultra sensitive skin, switch to baby detergent

baby detergen for sensitive skin

#8. Baby eczema lotion is also great for adults with extra dry skin

baby eczema lotion for dry skin

#9. Use baby oil to remove stubborn waterproof mascara

baby oil waterproof mascara

#10. Baby powder can be used on your hair to remove excess oil (like a dry shampoo), as well as applied to your skin to easily remove sand after the beach

baby powder for hair and removing sand

#11. Baby sunscreen is very powerful so go ahead, you can use it too!

baby sunscreen is powerfuk

#12. Baby wipes make great makeup removers and they’re cheaper too!

baby wipes makeup remover

#13. Diaper rash cream works well as a sunscreen, wrinkle cream, and for minor scrapes

diaper rash cream for sunscreen wrinkle and scrapes

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