What This Guy Captured With a Modest Camera Left Me Speechless…You’ll See Why!

By | April 2, 2014

No, these photographs are not photo shopped and they are not provided by NASA. These stunning pictures were taken by a regular guy right in his backyard.

Terry Hancock, 60, took these pictures right from his backyard in Michigan. Many people are truly amazed that these photographs could have been taken using modest equipment from a small backyard observatory. Prepare yourself to be amazed!

Incredible Shot of the Whirlpool Galaxy

whirlpool galaxy











Shot of the Soul Nebula

soul nebula










The Rosette Nebula

rosette nebula









The Pleiades Cluster – 460 light years away

pleiades cluster 460 light years away










The Orion and Horsehead Nebulas – 1,500 light years away

orion and horsehead nebulas 1500 light years away






The Messier 81 galaxy aka Bode’s Galaxy

messier 81 galaxy aka bodes galaxy












The Lagoon and Trifid Nebulas

lagoon and trifid nebulas









The Eagle Nebula

eagle nebula











The Bubble Nebula – 11,000 light years away

bubble nebula 11000 light years away











The Andromeda Galaxy

andromeda galaxy












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