Bacon Jewelry is Now a Thing. You’ll Definitely Want a Piece of THIS Bacon!

By | August 15, 2014

Bacon is great for anytime of the day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and even desert. But what about fashion? Where does bacon fit in fashion?! Well now you can wear bacon jewelry. From very realistic bacon jewelry, to just plain silly ones, you’ll want a a piece of these accessories!

Bacon earrings

bacon earrings2

Bacon headband

bacon headband

Bacon necklace

bacon necklace

bacon necklace2

Bacon platter ring

bacon platter ring

Bacon rose ring

bacon rose ring

Bacon watch

bacon watch

Burnt bacon earrings

burnt bacon earrings

Bacon bobby pins

bacon bobby pins

Bacon bracelet

bacon bracelet

Bacon cuff

bacon cuff

Some more bacon earrings

bacon earrings

Mmmm…these all look so yummy, I think I’m about to go make some bacon right now! Share this lovely art with your friends 🙂