When You See This…You’ll Be Happy You’re Single: Worst Engagement Photos Ever

By | July 7, 2014

Engagement photos seem to be a big thing these days – and the more creative the better. Or so people think. Instead of keeping it sweet and classy, people take all sorts of ideas (Pinterest!) and turn them into something horrific. Bad just bad – shame on you! I hope your marriage will be a little more classy than this!

engagement pic20

engagement pic21

engagement pic22

engagement pic

engagement pic2

engagement pic3

engagement pic3

engagement pic4

engagement pic5

engagement pic6

engagement pic7

engagement pic8

engagement pic9

engagement pic10

engagement pic11

engagement pic12

engagement pic13

engagement pic14

engagement pic15

engagement pic16

engagement pic17

engagement pic18

engagement pic19

Thank your lucky stars you’re single and share!