13 of the Worst Ways to Take a Picture of Your Food

By | April 14, 2015

This kids, is what you DON’T do!

#1. Don’t make us feel sorry for you

dont make us feel sorry for you

#2. Don’t make us throw up

dont make us throw up

#3. Don’t show off insane amounts of fast food…especially displayed on a car

dont show off insane amounts of food

#4. Don’t photograph your empty plate. It’s a dirty plate.

dont show us an empty plate

#5. Never, ever take banana eating pics.

dont take banana pis

#6. Take pics of the food on your plate…not in your mouth. No one wants to see that.

dont take pics of food in your mouth

#7. Only take pics of food that actually looks GOOD!

dont take pics of gross food

#8. Don’t take pics of your food if it looks like illegal subustances

food looks like weed

#9. Don’t wait too long to take that picture. Someone else might come along and steal it from you.

you took too long

#10. The selfie stick is only for selfies!

a selfie stick is only for selfies

#11. Control your food!!!

control your food

#12. Don’t dip your phone in your food.

dont dip phone in food

#13. And remember…check your picture carefully before posting it!

don't include other things

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