23 Businesses With Extremely Unfortunate Names

By | March 31, 2015

These people had ONE job!

WTF is this?!?

wtf is this

Fuk U!

fuk YOU

I really hope this isn’t a restaurant

hope this isnt a restaurant

The store for hores

the store for hores

Asian sausage

asian sausage

Bring your kids for a sex change!

bring ur kids for a sex change

Come on in Servix!

come on in servix

DON’T bring your kids here!

dont bring kids here

Hey you guys wanna go to the kum den?

hey guys wanna go to the kum den

Nah, I’d rather go to the NEW kum den!

hey guys wanna go to the NEW kum den

Is that a kid’s clothing store!?

is that a kids clothing store

Makes perfect sense but we all have dirty minds

makes sense but we have dirty minds

Master…bait haha


Mmm…ka ka cakes

mm ka ka cakes

MORE than sushi

more than sushi

No thanks!

no thanks



Not interested!

not interested

Not just wine and liquors!

not just wine and liquors

Oh…okay then

oh okay then

And this is the titty section

the titty section

They do EVERYTHING here

they do everything here

This one HAD to be intentional

this one was intentional



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