These Photos Might Seem Photoshopped at First, But Upon Closer Look You’ll Notice…

By | August 11, 2014

Photography along with technology have come a long way. We can pretty much do whatever we want to a picture and make it look 100% real! And that’s EXACTLY what these people did…except they failed HARD.

#1. Rihanna has really let herself go…smh

rihanna bearded lady

#2. Nice house and car! Oh nvm…you almost had me

guy with sportscar

#3. Before and after the sauna! Where is this sauna?!?

guys in a sauna

#4. OMG that’s your new car?!? Can I kiss you now??

new car

#5. Wow…you are one lucky SOB! How did you get a girl like that on your bike?!? Unbelievable!

guy with girl on bike

#6. This guy is RIPPED…and it’s totally proportioned too!

shirtless guy

#7. Hmm…something doesn’t seem right here!

sloth guy

#8. So close…yet so far

bad boob enhancement

#9. Hey maybe she really does have two different sized boobs!

boob fail

#10. I think he might even look better as a girl!

chest coverup

#11. I can’t believe the mythical creature known as “dog-girl” actually exists! *squeals*

dog girl

#12. I still can’t get over the fact that this is photo shop…it just can’t be!

goats in space

#13. Because sometimes, if you play a video game hard enough, you can actually be IN the video game!

guy running in video game

#14. Congratulations on your new car! Your cardboard self looks GREAT against it!

guy standing against car

#15. Very sexy Sir…very sexy

guy with boobs

If these pics weren’t funny then I don’t know what is! Share with others so that they may be able to spot impostors!