29 Genius Bike Accessories for the Bike Lover in Your Life

By | May 3, 2015

Got a friend who loves bikes and biking? Better yet, are you a bicycle fan? Then these quirky gifts are just the thing for you!

Bike cookie cutter

bike cookie cutter

Bike gear cog coasters

bike gear cog coasters

Bike glasses

bike glasses

Bike lighting system

bike lighting system

Bike planters

bike planters

Bike soup

bike soup

Bike wheel clock

bike wheel clock

Charger for your bike

charger for devices

Elevated bike rack

elevated bike rack

Fruit bike bells

fruit bike bells

Glowing spray paint for your bike so you can be seen at night

glowing spray paint

Handlebar vase

handlebar vase

Hanging clips

hanging clips

Hardwood basket

hardwood basket

Ivy bike lock

ivy bike lock

Jewelry for your bike

jewelry for your bike

Mounted pocket watch

mounted pocket watch

Natural rope lock

natural rope lock

Rear facing LED lights

rear facing led lights

Roll-up pannier

roll up pannier

Skirt guard

skirt guard

Springtime picnic basket

springtime picnic basket

Stylish bike helmet

stylish bike helmet

Vintage picnic basket

vintage picnic basket

Wireless bike turn signal

wireless bike turn signal

Banana holder

banana holder

Bicycle pizza cutter

bicycle pizza cutter

Bike book shelf

bike book shelf

Bike chain tea light candle holders

bike chain tea light candle holders

So if you know someone who loves bikes share this with them or buy them a little something 🙂