Photographs From The Society of Biology Photo Contest Are All About Home, Habitat, and Shelter

By | November 24, 2014

With almost 800 entries, the Society of Biology photo contest has picked the best and brightest for this year’s photo contest. The theme, “home, habitat, and shelter”, is supposed to showcase how living things have come to adapt to their surroundings. This year’s winner, was Billy Clapham’s “The Suburbam Mum” which depicts a blackbird in a garden. According to the Society of Biology: “The judges felt the photo cleverly expressed how garden birds have come to share our homes with us, fitting this year’s theme.”

Winner: The Suburban Mum by Billy Clapham


Spectral Tarsier by Wolfgang Weinhardt


Spider like from another world by Krasimir Matarov


Striving Succulent by Kelsey Green


A lively belly in the freshwater by Matteo Riccardo di Nicola


A shelter designed by nature by Robert Cabagnot


Bisons on Grand Prismatic Spring by Lukas Gawenda


Courage doesn’t have to always ROAR by Nagarjun Ram


Life and Environment by Dimple Pancholi


Man made forest by Ysabel M. Victoriano

Man-made forest by Ysabel M Victoriano

Meal Time by Boris Barath


Parental care in parasitoid wasps by Thomas Endlein


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