31 Reasons That Prove Canadians Are Just The Nicest People On The Planet

By | January 5, 2015

Admit it – you love Canadians!

Canadian bus and truck accident

bus and truck accident

Canadian athletes

canadian athletes

Canadian breaking and entering

canadian breaking and entering

Canadian car burglary

canadian car burglary

Canadian cops

canadian cops

Canadian courtesy

canadian courtesy

Canadian crime

canadian crime

Canadian drunks

canadian drunks

Canadian graffiti

canadian graffiti

Canadian guilt

canadian guilt

Canadian knock-knock joke

canadian knock knock joke

Canadian license plate

canadian license plate

Canadian parking

canadian parking

Canadian protester

canadian protester

Canadian road rage

canadian road rage

Canadian rules

canadian rules

Canadian unrest

canadian unrest

Canadian vandalism

canadian vandalism

Canadian car dealership

car dealership

Canadian shoppers: cashier wasn’t there so people just left their money

cashier wasn't there, people left money

Canadian gardeners

friendly gardeners

Canadian lost and found

lost and found

Canadian neighbour disputes

nighbour disputes

Only in Canada

only in canada

Canadian geese

polite canadian animals

Canadian restaurant bills

restaurant bills

Canadian wrong number text

wrong number

“Angry” Canadian note

angry canadian note

Canadian thief

apologetic theif

Canadian warning signs

apologetic warning signs

Canadian apology notes

apology notes

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