21 People Who Were Caught Taking Horrifying Selfies

By | February 17, 2015

This obsession with selfies needs to stop…and this is proof of that!

1. You take such great selfies!

u take such great selfies

2. Your grandpa is now ashamed of you

ur grandpa is ashamed of u

3. What exactly are you trying to achieve here?

what exactly are u trying to achieve here

4. Somebody give this girl a role in a movie!

whata  great actress

5. When you’re taking your last breath remember that a selfie might just be the cure!

when all hope is lost, take a selfie

6. A productive day at work!

a productive day at work

7. At least he’s got good hygiene?

at least hes got good hygiene

8. Can’t unsee

cant unsee

9. Don’t worry about the gorilla, you’re WAY more interesting!

dont worry about the gorilla, ur alot more interesting

10. Funeral swag!

funeral swag

11. I really hope this isn’t for a food blog

i hope this isnt for a food blog

12. Mom and dad are spending good money for you to take selfies

mom and dad are spending good money for this

13. Okay then…

okay then

14. Ridin’ mah mower and takin’ selfies yeeehawww

ridin mah mower and taken selfies yeehaw

15. Saddest birthday ever!

saddest birthday ever

16. Selfie inception!

selfie inception

17. Selfies: good anywhere, anytime!

slefies - good anywhere, anytime

18. Nothing says sexy like a water fountain

so sexy

19. Super attractive!

super attractive

20. The “this isn’t a selfie” selfie

the 'this wasn't a selfie' selfie

21. Dear god there are kids on this beach!

u do realize you're in public right

Seriously…it’s time to stop with the selfies! If you agree, please share this post and let’s spread the word 🙂