34 Celebrity Names You’ve Been Mispronouncing Your Entire Life

By | January 30, 2015

Do you really know how to pronounce Jake Gyllenhaal’s name? Well now you will!

Charlize Theron

charlize theron

Chloe Sevigny

chloe sevigny

Colin Powell

colin powell

Dick Cheney

dick cheney

Eva Mendes

eva mendes

Famke Janssen

famke janssen

Gabourey Sidibe

gabourey sidibe

Idina Menzel

idina menzel

Jake Gyllenhaal

jake gyllenhaal

Jared Leto

jared leto

Kaley Cuoco

kaley cuoco

Kim Basinger

kim basinger

Lindsay Lohan

lindsay lohan

Lupito Nyongo

lupito nyong'o

Mariska Hargitay

mariska hargitay

Martin Scorsese

martin scorsese

Matt Groening

matt groening

Mia Wakikowska

mia wakikowska

Milla Jovovich

milla jovovich

Nikolaj Coster Waldau

nikolaj coster-waldau

Ralph Fiennes

ralph fiennes

Ralph Lauren

ralph lauren



Ryan Ifans

ryan ifans

Ryan Phillippe

ryan phillippe

Saoirse Ronan

saoirse ronan

Shia Labeouf

shia labeouf

Steve Buscemi

steve buscemi

Zooey Deschanel

zooey deschanel

Zosia Mamet

zosia mamet

Amanda Seyfried

amanda seyfried

Arnold Schwarzenegger

arnold schwarzenegger

Cate Blanchett

cate blanchett

Charlie Hunnam

charlie hunnam

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