This Guy Survives a Chainsaw Slicing Through His Neck and Into His Body

By | April 4, 2014

James Valentine survived one of the most horrific moments of his live. The 21 year old tree trimmer is one lucky guy, having survived a horrible chainsaw accident.

The X-ray of his accident is surreal, and shows a chainsaw slicing his neck open and embedding itself in his body. Unbelievably, James never lost consciousness and was actually able to climb down from the tree (with the chainsaw still embedded in his neck).

chainsaw accident xray









The above photo shows an xray of James’ chest with the chainsaw protruding through it. Luckly, James paid attention to his safety training and knew that if he were to remove the chainsaw that was in him, he would bleed to death.

Trauma surgeon Dr. Christine Toevs told KDKA-TV: “If you take the chainsaw out, you would have massive bleeding.”

The accident happened in Ross Township, just 10 miles north of Pittsburgh.

james valentine chainsaw accident









“I was holding it with this hand and scooted down with this hand,” Valentine told the news station. That’s when the chainsaw kicked back and hit him. Paramedics managed to stabilize him and disassemble the chainsaw in part before transporting him to nearby Allegheny General Hospital where the medical staff was preparing for the worst.

Unbelievably, the chainsaw managed to skip past all of his arteries, and only damage muscle. Doctors were able to remove the chainsaw, and James escaped with just 30 stitches.

You would think that this deter young James from ever using a chainsaw again, but he’s determined to get back to work. When asked what he plans to do after he recovers, he told KDKA’s Lynne Hayes-Freeland, “I am a tree climber, that’s what I do.”

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