Chef on Instagram Transforms Junk Food Into Expensive Looking, Gourmet Meals

By | April 3, 2015

We’re not quite sure who exactly this mystery chef is, but he/she can definitely transform your regular junk into something stunning. Take a look!

S’mores Made with Marshmallow Peeps, Graham Cracker Pastry Cream, Generic Brand Chocolat Cake from the Freezer Section and Banana Popsicle Chunks


Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins, Birthday Cake Oreo Soil, Snickers Haché, Shamrock Shake Fluid Gel and Ice Cream Quenelle


McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish Value Meal, French Fry Puree, Warm Breaded Fish Slab, Tartar Sauce Spheres and Coleslaw Ash


Jimmy Dean Sausage with Canned Spring Vegetables, French’s Mustard, Fritos Hoops and Pistachio Soil. Palate Cleansing Shot of Fermented Lake Michigan Water with Nutritional Yeast Rim


Duo of Pogos with Marble Cheeze Slices, Honey Ham Rosettes, Spongebob Squarepants Zoodles and Mustard Tears


Imitation Crabmeat Complimented by Vienna Sausage, Creamed Corn, BBQ Potato Chips and Cocktail Sauce


Hostess Cupcake with Rainbow Dunk-a-Roos, Yogurt Raisins, Some Nibs and Starbucks Mocha Frap Caviar, Tiny Mint and a Piece of Fancy Moss


Raspberry Poptart Parfait with Vanilla Snackpack and Grape Crush Scented Gel, Enhanced with Mike & Ikes, Cry Babies and Fruity Mentos


Hawaiian Bagel Bites, Cheetos, Baby Carrot & Ranch Purée, Small Vegetables and Chipotle Oil


Although these LOOK good, I’m still not sure I’d want to eat any of them. Don’t forget to share:)