31 Of the Most Bizarre Items You Can Find At Your Local Walmart in China

By | February 20, 2015

The Chinese are known for consuming unconventional (at least to US) foods, and these next items found at Walmart proves that very thing!

Chinese Walmart

1 chinese walmart

Sausage from a bin

sausage in the bin

Snickers with bonus batteries

snickers with bonus batteries

Tiny watermelons

tiny watermelons

Tons of rice

tons of rice



Walmart brand liquor

walmart brand liquor

Whole turtles

whole turtle

A plethora of chopsticks

a plethora of chopsticks

Assorted dried reptile parts

assorted dried reptile parts

Beef granules that look like candies

beef granules wrapped like candies

Cooking oil and orange juice set

cooking oil and orange juice set




Deception of sheep offal…whatever that means

deception of sheep offal..whatever that means

Diet water

diet water

Different egg varieties

different egg varieties

Dried ducks

dried ducks

Dried squid

dried quid

Entire shark

entire sharks

Fat guy underwear

fat guy underwear

Fox meat

fox meat

Live frogs

live frogs

Luxury candy

luxury candy

Meat water

meat water

Men’s antibacterial underwear

mens antibacterial underwear

Mystery meats

mixed meats guess o rama

Pig faces

pig faces

Powdered horse milk

powdered horse milk

Premium liquor box sets

premium liquor box set

Ribs in a bin

ribs in a bin

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