13 Clever Food Hacks You Need to Try

By | September 12, 2014

Make your life easier with these time-saving food hacks.

#1. Place fruits in ice cube trays and freeze them for a fruity water beverage.

fruits in ice tray

#2. Place paper towels over your greens and salads. They’ll last a lot longer.

paper towel on greens

#3. Throw an apple with your potatoes to prevent them from going bad.

put an apple with potatoes

#4. Easily remove strawberry stems with a straw.

strawberry stem with straw

#5. Surround jelly with peanut butter for a drip-free sandwich.

surround jelly with peanut butter

#6. Thumb the middle of your patty for even cooking.

thumb the middle of patty for even cooking

#7. Wet your fingers before removing egg shells.

wet fingers before removing egg shells

#8. Wrap banana stems in cling wrap so they’ll last longer.

wrap babana stems in cling wrap

#9. Put apple slices in a bowl with honey and water for all-day freshness.

apple slices fresh with honey and water

#10. Make bacon and egg breakfast bites in a muffin pan.

bacon and egg breakfast bites

#11. Make hard boiled eggs by baking them in a muffin pan for 30 minutes at 325F.

bake eggs at 325 for 30

#12. Blend frozen bananas for guilt-free ice cream.

blend frozen banana for ice cream

#13. Use dental floss to cut through cheeses and other similar foods.


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