A Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend Using Coca-Cola Bottles

By | August 11, 2014

If you haven’t seen the new, personalized Coca-Cola bottles by now, you’ve probably been living under a rock! Last week, Donnie MacGilvrey proposed to his girlfriend using the personalized words Coca Cola bottles that said: “Beautiful” “Eloise” “Will” “You” “Marry” “Me”. He then uploaded the picture (see below) on the Coca Cola Facebook fan page.

coca cola proposal

McGilvray‎ commented under the picture:: “I asked my girlfriend, Eloise to put the milk away in the fridge and this is what she saw. The ‘ice’ was in the glass. Thanks Coca-Cola for all the help……….she said yes!!!”

Since the image started circulating, it has had a whopping 1 million likes and 50 thousand shares on Facebook. Coca-Cola also congratulated the couple.

engaged couple congrats

This is way too romantic for words, but please share this beautiful story with others! Oh and I forgot to mention…she said yes!