16 College Life Hacks That’ll Save You Time & Money

By | August 14, 2014

College is a time for learning, meeting new people, partying, and of course, being poor. That’s why it’s in your best interest to save as much money as you can so you can spend it on things you like. These next hacks might sound a little funny, but when you add it all up it’ll save you some time and money! Hey…that rhymed!

#1. Set your class schedule as your lock screen

lock screen as chedule

#2. Whip some eggs in a cup and microwave

make scrambled eggs in a mug in microwave

#3. Save drawer space by tucking your shirts in vertically

save space by tucking your clothes in vertically in drawers

#4. Turn your chip bags into a bowl

turn chip bag into own bowl

#5. Use a pen to keep your textbooks open

use a pen to keep textbook open

#6. You can also use a pen to keep your chips fresh

use a pen to keep your chips fresh

#7. And hold all of these pens in a toilet paper roll

use a toilet paper roll for your pens

#8. Use an egg carton to prevent laptop burn

use egg cartons to prevent laptop burn

#9. Amplify your iPad with a Solo Cup

amplify ipad with a solo cup

#10. Clean your keyboard with a post-it note

clean keyboard with a post it note

#11. Color code your notebooks to make it easier to pick out

color code your notebooks

#12. Cook spaghetti in a coffee maker (just make sure you clean it well first!)

cook spaghetti in coffee maker

#13. Putting dryer sheets on the back of a fan box = instant air freshener

dryer sheets on back of box fan instant air freshener

#14. Hang photos on your wall using cheap washi tape

hang photos using washi tape

#15. Hang your paper towel on a hanger

hang your paper towl on a hanger

#16. Having a party? Warm up some queso in the coffee maker

heat up queso in coffee maker

These college hacks might be a lifesaver for some, so go ahead and share with your friends – it’ll help them out!