Creepy Figure Skating Faces – You’ll Never Look at These People The Same Again

By | March 10, 2014

The 2014 Sochi Olympics were more than just about weird bathroom stalls, President Putin, and a bunch of medals. The Olympics were also about the “wonderful” faces that were pulled by the Olympics skaters. Beware: these scenes might horrify you!

Now…sit back and let the loling begin!

“Must look ahead…but also to the side!”

narumi takahashi kihara ryuichi


























“I think I’m gonna throw up”

mao asada




























“Gosh…it’s really cold in here – I’m shivering!”

kevin reynolds

























“Ooohh..I never realized how pretty my flames looked!”

jorik hderickx





























jeremy abbott

























jason brown
























“Agghh…this invisible elephant is crushing meee!”

han yan



















“Ahhh…heading straight for that judge!!”

florent amodio






















“This really isn’t natural, is it?”

felicia zhang nathan bartholomay

















“What am I doing here?!?!”

evgeni plushenko


























alexei bychenko
















“Can’t…hold…this…fart in…anymore”

alexander majorov



























“Eww…I think that guy before me just farted”

akiko suzuki

























“Look ma’ no hands!”

zoltan kelemen























“I’m so frightened….they’re coming for me!”

yakov godorozha
























“Always giving you my best smile!”

stefania berton ondrej hotarek




















“Oopsie I think I just took a poopie!”

nelli zhiganshina alexander gazsi