Depending on How You Look at it…This Could Be the Grossest Thing You’ll Ever See or the Cutest Thing You’ll Ever See

By | April 25, 2014

You know your pet really loves you when…

#1. I see what you’re doing there!!

bathroom pets9

#2. We will never EVER leave your side…

bathroom pets10

#3. Now THIS is a hammock!

bathroom pets

#4. I know I don’t fit in your boxers, but I’d like to just sit on them if that’s okay!

bathroom pets2

#5. This is OUR quality time!

bathroom pets3

#6. I’m being respectful of your privacy by not looking up!

bathroom pets4

#7. I’m getting sleepier and sleepier…

bathroom pets5

#8. Best friends do EVERYTHING together, right?

bathroom pets6

#9. I’m enjoying this silk hammock very much!

bathroom pets7

#10. Is it safe to come in yet??

bathroom pets8

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