25 Children’s Books That Were Clearly Created by Dirty Minded Adults

By | March 5, 2015

Now both you AND your child can have fun reading together!

The most offensive book ever by FAR!

the most offensive book ever period

This mouth that looks like an ass

this mouth that looks like an ass

This very real history book

this real history book

Understanding farts

understanding farts

Adults fart too

adults fart too

Beating the “D”

beating the d

Cannibal pig butcher book

cannibal pig butcher

The very close relationship between man and horse

close relationship btw man and horse

Comforting horse book

comforting horse book

Curious George sniffing some ether

curious geroge sniffing ether

Disease spelled out in blocks

disease spelled out in blocks

Elephants with butt plugs

elephants with butt plugs

Fat pussy

fat pussy

Great advice!

great advice

How to play with your pussy

how to play with your pussy

Kids are shit

kids are shit

Ladybug massacre

ladybug massacre

Mr. Rogers will shut you up by any means necessary

mr rogers will shut you up

Muffin muncher

muffin muncher

Pedo Bear


This pedophile


Playing with your beaver

playing with ur beaver

Poking fun at stuttering kids

poking fun at stuttering kids

Sex advice from lions

sex advice from lions

“Sleeping” turtles

sleeping turtles

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