After Seeing What These People Found in Their Food, You’ll Never Want to Eat Again

By | August 26, 2014

Excuse me while I go throw up now! What these people found in their food is disturbing!

#1. Mmm…lizard salad

lizard salad

#2. McDonald’s chicken head – that looks delicious!

mcds chicken head

#3. And McD’s does it again with their insect hashbrowns!

mcds hashbrown insects

#4. Nail in your Mac n Cheese?

nail and mac n cheese

#5. Salad of newt

newt salad

#6. Pickled rat anyone?

pickled rat

#7. Look mom, I found a cigarette butt in my fried rice!

cig butt in fried rice

#8. Mmm…dead mouse

dead mouse

#9. They’re just throwing in a little protein, okay?

frog salad

#10. Looks pretty appetizing to me!

frozen frog

Looking at these horrifying pictures really helps with my diet! Share with your friends 🙂