Here is What 30 of Your Fave Disney Charcaters’ REAL Faces Look Like. The Voice Behind the Cartoon

By | January 30, 2015

Who IS the voice behind the character? Let’s find out!

Sebastian: Samuel E. Wright

sebastian samuel e wright

The Beast: Robby Benson

the beast robby benson

Tiana: Anika Noni Rose

tiana anika noni rose

Ursula: Pat Carroll

ursula pat carroll

Winnie the Pooh: Sterling Holloway

winnie the pooh sterling holloway

Yzma: Eartha Kitt

yzma eartha kitt

Aladdin: Scott Weinger

aladdin scott weinger

Alice in Wonderland: Kathryn Beaumont

alice in wonderland kathryn beaumont

Ariel: Jodi Benson

ariel jodi benson

Bambi: Donnie Dunagan

bambi donnie dunagan

Belle: Paige Ohara

belle paige o'hara

Captain Hook: Hans Conried

captain hook hans conried

Cinderella: Ilene Woods

cinderella ilene woods

Cruella Deville: Betty Lou Gerson

cruella deville betty lou gerson

Fairy Godmother: Verna Felton

fairy godmother verna felton

Gaston: Richard White

gaston richard white

Hercules: Tate Donovan

hercules tate donovan

Jafar: Jonathan Freeman

jafar jonathan freeman

Jasmine: Linda Larkin

jasmine linda larkin

Jiminy Cricket: Cliff Edwards

jiminy cricket cliff edwards

King Triton: Kenneth Mars

king triton kenneth mars

Kristoff: Jonathan Groff

kristoff jonathan groff

Li Shang: BD Wong

li shang BD wong

Maleficent: Eleanor Audley

maleficent eleanor audley

Merida: Kelly Macdonald

merida kelly macdonald

Mickey Mouse (current): Bret Iwan

mickey mouse current bret iwan

Mulan: Ming Na Wen

mulan ming-na wen

Pocahontas: Irene Bedard

pocahontas irene bedard

Prince Eric: Christopher Daniel Barnes

prince eric christopher daniel barnes

Scar: Jeremy Irons

scar jeremy irons

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