The Most Unlikeliest of Friendships…You Won’t Believe This Odd Pair!

By | April 2, 2014

Most dogs (or any other small animals for that matter) would be scared of something as big as an elephant…but not this dog. This dog and elephant have become such good friends, they’re practically inseparable.

Bubbles the elephant had lost her parents in the ivory trade. She was then taken to the Myrtle Beach Safari.

dog and elephant









Bubbles loved water so much that a contractor was brought in to build her a pool. But sadly, the contractor abandoned his dog, Bella, leaving her there at the safari.

dog and elephant2









These two ended up being best friends and have been inseparable every since!

dog and elephant3










It was was their love of water that brought them so close together

dog and elephant4









Despite being such an odd pair, these two have more love for each other than a lot of humans do


dog and elephant5










Just look at how happy they are together!

dog and elephant6


dog and elephant7












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