Designer Creates Adorable Guide to Dog Breeds By Geographical Area

By | September 23, 2014

Artist Lili Chin has created an ultra cute series of illustrations called Dogs of the World in which over 200 dogs are separated by their geographical area.

Middle Eastern Dogs

middle eastern dogs

Nordic Dogs

nordic dogs

Russian Dogs

russian dogs

Scottish Dogs

scottish dogs

Swiss Dogs

swiss dogs

Welsh Dogs

welsh dogs

African Dogs

african dogs

American Dogs

american dogs

Asian Dogs

asian dogs

Australian Dogs

australian dogs

Belgian Dogs

belgian dogs

Canadian Dogs

canadian dogs

Dutch Dogs

dutch dogs

Eastern European Dogs

eastern european dogs

English Dogs

english dogs

French Dogs

french dogs

German Dogs

german dogs

Iberian Dogs

iberian dogs

Irish Dogs

irish dogs

Latin American Dogs

latin american dogs

Mediterranean Dogs

mediterrenean dogs

So next time you have trouble identifying a dog’s origins, check out these awesome illustrations! Don’t forget to share with friends on Facebook 🙂