This Guy Built His DREAM Home in 6 Weeks With Just $9,000

By | March 20, 2014

Meet Steve Areen. Steve was able to build his dream home for just $9,000. How did he do it? Scroll below to find out!

It took just 6 weeks for the home to be built…from start to finish

dome house


With the help of a Thai friend, and a lot of hard work and perseverance, progress was being made quickly

dome house 1

Steve was given permission to build his house on his friend’s mango grove in Thailand

dome house2

Unbelievably, the basic structure of the house only cost about $6,000

dome house3

And that is mainly because the materials in Thailand are so much cheaper

dome house4

Other details of the home including furnishings cost an additional $3,000

dome house5

The total cost of the dome house came to $9,000


The inside of the house is made of all natural materials



The look of this house is completely unique and very efficient too



A beautiful little hammock area was made


So you can relax after a hard day’s work!


A small pond was also placed in the backyard


The dome house is also very bright as there are plenty of windows all around


Steve decided to build some steps on the outside of the house so you can climb all the way up top if you wish


Inside, everything is decorated tastefully and is one with nature


The mosaic is the shower


The bathroom sink faucet is made out of bamboo


With only $9,000 this piece of paradise was created in just 6 weeks


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