17 People Who Were Way Too Intoxicated Last Night

By | May 2, 2015

It might have SOUNDED like a good idea at the time…but looking back on it, it was just terrible!

Can’t find the cap? It’s cool, just use a cable!

cant find the cap its cool ill use a cable

Best waitress everrr dude!

best waitress ever dude

Because ya know, spas have the BEST hot pockets ever!

because spas have the best hot pockets ever

And you thought I couldn’t do it!

and you thought i couldnt do it

Who says you can’t have Taco Bell on your wedding night??

who says u cant have taco bell on ur wedding night

Thought he could fit in the high chair…

thought he could fit in the high chair

These shoes were made for fridgin…and that’s just what they’ll do!

these shoes were made for fridgin

Now THAT is the correct way of opening a can!

the right way to open up a can

“So dude OMG we met the coolest alpaca last night!”

so dude omg we met the coolest alpaca last night

Not quite sure what this is, but someone definitely fell asleep

not sure what this is but someone def fell asleep

Just gonna jump over these flames and…oops!

just gonna jump over these flames and oops

“I’m just gonna pack my lunch the night before so I don’t forget anything”

im gonna pack my work lunch the night before

I’ll take that slice to go please!

ill take that slice to go please

Drunk bike thief…tsk tsk tsk

i stole yo bike

Drunk food abomination

drunk food abomination

Don’t forget to charge your phone before bed!

dont forget to charge ur phone beore bed

Can’t find your keys? No problem! Just smash through the door…it’s yours after all!

cant find ur keys no prob just smash through the door

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