21 People Who Will Never Get a Job With These Face Tattoos

By | February 20, 2015

Is this for real?

The Tacky Wacky

the tacky wacky

This Florida man

this florida man

This gross guy

this gross guy

This unspeakable abomination

this unspeakable abomination

This worshipper

this worshiper

Ad face

ad face

The centipede


The ultimate Drake fan

drake fan

The family man

family man

Ms. tattoo face

ms tattoo face

The hipster

nerd glasses

The baby

the baby

The backwards Nazi symbol

the backwards nazi symbol

The devil in person

the devil in person

The electric ice cream cone

the elctric ice cream cone


the everything

The illusionati

the illusionati

The “I’m watching you”

the 'im watching you'

The monster

the monster

The racist

the racist

And finally…the stuff made of nightmares

the stuff made of nightmares

I hope you own your own business, otherwise, good luck getting a job anywhere! Don’t forget to share:)