What These Two Guys Did With a McDonald’s Big Mac Left Me Speechless

By | August 12, 2014

McDonalds…love it or hate it, it’s an American staple. It’s sloppy, it’s fatty, it’s calorie laden, and it’s the most delicious thing you’ll have on a Saturday night at 3 am. But…is it fancy? Can you take someone on a date to McDonalds? The answer to these questions is sadly no. But these two guys beg to differ. A Reddit user and his friend decided to do the impossible: make the BigMac into a fancy schamncy meal. Did they pull it off? Scroll below to find out!

The friends would split one Big Mac between the two of them


These were the ingredients available to them…de-constructed


They even divided the fries


The first entry: 5 times cheeseburger with a potato tower, salad with sesame seed bun croutons & mac sauce garnish.


From another angle


The Coke was served in a wine glass


The second entry: Big Mac mini shepherds pies with sesame seed crisps and a salad.


Which one would you choose?


Was that the fanciest Big Mac you’ve ever set your eyes on or what? Don’t forget to share 🙂