Unbelievable Comparisons: Fast Food Advertisements VS the REAL Thing: Will YOU Still Eat There?

By | March 17, 2014

Fast food advertisements have a way of getting us through the door quite easily. What with their glamorous pictures of burgers, fries, tacos, and whatever else they throw at us. But have you ever compared those glamour shots with the REAL meal that you actually consumed? Far from glamorous if you ask me! Let’s be honest though…this still wouldn’t deter me from having a delicious Big Mac once in a while!

McDonald’s Big Mac – Not so big after all

mcdonalds big mac












McDonald’s Angus Deluxe burger can’t fit in advertised box

mcdonalds angus burger










McDonald’s Big N’ Tasty – ALL LIES!

mcdonalds big n tasty












Taco Bell’s meatless taco?

taco bell













Jack in the Box’s tacos: barely there!

jack in the box












Burger King’s Whopper Jr. – More like a whopper disgrace!

burger king whopper junior













Burger King’s Whopper: More lies!

burger king whopper












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